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Agriculture technology News

HAL Can Help You Grow Food

In American pop culture artificial intelligence, or AI, is often portrayed as an ominous force, as machines that think like people but only far better …

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Agriculture tractor harvest News

The State of Global Food Security: From Bad to Worse

“The pandemic made the pathway towards our goal even steeper,” said UN Food and Agriculture Organization director Qu Dongyu during a recent online gathering, referring …

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tinodaishe News

An Urban Smallholder Farming Miracle—Just Add Water

Venensia Mukarati calls herself an accountant by profession but a farmer by passion. Raised on a farm herself, Mukarati knows well the challenges that have …

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2021 World Food Prize Winner News

A Focus on Quality: The 2021 World Food Prize Winner Speaks with Grow Further

“We must move from a focus on quantity, from a focus on single food items, single food groups, and move to a food systems approach …

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Tilapia Farming—Boom or Bust?

Though seafood invokes images of trawlers crashing against waves, aquaculture now generates the bulk of fish protein consumed. Fish farming overtook wild catch fishing more …

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Building a Brand for Smallholder Coffee Farmers

Aminatha Ngabo’s passion is coffee. Her challenge is immense. A small coffee farmer and government advisor, Ngabo is busy trying to help thousands of women …

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A large anthill in Zambia News

Making mountains out of anthills? An unconventional fertilizer changes farming in Zambia

Yes, African anthills and termite mounds are often impressive structures, much larger than what you might expect to find in a backyard garden, but tiny …

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Mexico’s “Milpa” Grows More Nutritious Foods

Farms in Oaxaca, Mexico have survived political strife, storms, droughts, and floods, but many were particularly affected by the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement. …

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