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A large anthill in Zambia

Making mountains out of anthills? An unconventional fertilizer changes farming in Zambia

Yes, African anthills and termite mounds are often impressive structures, much larger than what you might expect to find in a backyard garden, but tiny …

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Mexico’s “Milpa” Grows More Nutritious Foods

Farms in Oaxaca, Mexico have survived political strife, storms, droughts, and floods, but many were particularly affected by the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement. …

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Grim Findings

“Grim” Findings Show Food Insecurity is Getting Worse

Global food insecurity worsened dramatically last year and will likely continue to do so, according to a coalition of governments and nonprofits formed five years …

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Father of Hybrid Rice

China’s “Father of Hybrid Rice” Dies at 90

Professor Yuan Longping, a legend of food security and household name in China, passed away on Saturday, May 22, 2021. He was 90 years old. …

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The 2021 World Food Prize: And the Winner is…

The World Food Prize, considered the “Nobel Peace Prize for food” in international agricultural development circles, has a new honoree, a specialist in aquaculture, smallholder …

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Pressing for Policies that Promote “Forgotten Foods”

As Africa’s middle class has expanded, so has the continent’s taste for Western vegetables: lettuce, French beans, sugar snap peas, broccoli, and other staples of …

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Nigeria’s Cocoa Question

What versatile tropical plant not only makes possible chocolate treats and drinks, but also serves as an ingredient for bread, soaps, livestock feed, butter, cream, …

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Growing Beets for Cows to Support India’s Struggling Smallholder Farmers

The ancient Greeks used to feed it to their cattle. Now this nutritious and easily grown root crop is being repurposed to help India’s smallholder …

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