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Not an expert in agriculture? Not a problem. We’re all about learning and bringing in fresh perspectives, and have access to plenty of experts around the world. The only qualifications to get involved are an appreciation of the importance of agriculture, some healthy skepticism that bureaucrats have all the answers, and an eagerness to learn.

Here are several ways you can get involved and support our work to drive agricultural innovation:

Individuals support our work by becoming donor members. Your donation supports sustainable agricultural projects directly from scientists in developing countries; prioritizing indigenous knowledge, smallholder farmer input, proposals that directly benefit women and children, and those that have positive impacts on the environment. At certain donation levels, our donor members have the option to participate in discussions on the projects, as well as participate in presentations directly from the research teams, ensuring our donors have access to the projects they are helping fund. Opportunities for networking and travel are available for those who are interested.

Grow Further is supported by donor members and other contributors making the following suggested yearly tax-deductible contributions:

  • Student: $120 ($10/month)
  • Originator: $600 ($50/month)
  • Cultivator: $1200 ($100/month)
  • Generator: $2500+
  • Innovator: $5000+
  • Supporter: Pay as You Can


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Your investment in agricultural research in developing countries is a highly impactful way to give back. Some partnership options include:

  • Fund employee donor memberships to Grow Further to directly support food security solutions, and to enhance employee educational opportunities. 
  • Support Grow Further’s rigorously vetted grant projects that align with your corporate CSR/ESG objectives. 
  • Match employee donations to Grow Further. 

Our mission wouldn’t be possible without the help of global food security-minded individuals and organizations. Each year, Grow Further engages hundreds of volunteers who give generously of their time and talents. 

Volunteer roles include screening and peer review of grant applications and submitting articles to our newsletter.

Grow Further is a nonprofit organization that makes grants for agricultural research relevant to smallholder farmers and other populations at risk of food insecurity. Annually, we invite researchers to submit proposals for funding, and in some cases also management assistance.

Farmer in greenhouse
Farmer in greenhouse

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