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agrivoltaics Latest News

Agrivoltaics as Insurance for Smallholder Farmers

One bit of economic advice farmers often receive is that they should consider diversifying their operations. Growing only one kind of crop may be too …

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Smallholder Farm Innovation: Trends to Watch in 2023

What will 2023 hold for smallholder farm innovation? Several non-profit organizations, agribusiness concerns, and consultancies are offering new predictions. Their forecasts are wide-ranging, but most …

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Ongoing Food Security Crisis in 2023

Humanitarian agencies are busy sounding an alarm, warning donor governments that the world is witnessing historic levels of food insecurity as 2023 begins. A new …

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Local News

Answers to questions from grant applicants

Since we announced our first grant two weeks ago, about 100 people from a variety of academic disciplines and types of organizations have expressed an …

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Local News

Grow Further releases first grant announcement

After several months of consultations and revisions, Grow Further has released its first grant announcement. The grant, which is open to agricultural innovators worldwide but …

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agri-tourism Latest News

Luring Tourist Cash to Smallholder Farms: the Upsides and the Downsides

Would you pay to be a farmer for a day or a week, or to simply visit a small rural farm and experience a little …

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image2 Africa

Investors are Finally Paying Attention to African Agriculture

In the world of agriculture, Africa stands out for the degree to which smallholder operations dominate farming on the continent—most of Africa’s food is grown …

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image2 Farming

Could Smallholder Dairy Farmers Make Money in the Carbon Markets?

Carbon credit trading is already a multi-billion-dollar global industry. Figuring out how to tie struggling smallholder dairy farmers into the ever-expanding market for carbon offsets …

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