Grow Further Members Gather for the First Time

“This hasn’t been done before,” Grow Further’s founder and CEO Peter Kelly said in his opening remarks after a round of self-introductions. “Never before has there been a simple answer […]

Meet Grow Further’s Board: Suvasini Ramaswamy (Part 1)

Suvasini pic

At Grow Further, we “Empower farmers, scientists, and individuals to create a food-secure future.” Our members and network of agricultural researchers–550 of whom responded to our first call for proposals–are […]

Which kinds of proposals have advanced?


A little over a month ago, we received 721 submissions in response to our first agricultural research grant announcement, and last week, we sent updates to all applicants, advancing 188 […]

Who applied for Grow Further’s first grant?


We received applications from every continent except Antarctica, approximately 400 complete in total. There were a lot of fascinating ideas, from mobile apps and edible insect farms, to addressing neglected […]

Answers to questions from grant applicants

Since we announced our first grant two weeks ago, about 100 people from a variety of academic disciplines and types of organizations have expressed an intention to apply and we’ve […]

Grow Further releases first grant announcement

After several months of consultations and revisions, Grow Further has released its first grant announcement. The grant, which is open to agricultural innovators worldwide but mainly intended for scientists in […]