Academic Publications

Members of the Grow Further family have published thousands of books and articles, both scholarly and journalistic. Here are a few of the ones that inform our strategy:

Achieving growth and impact as an organization

Wiley 2023, by Donald Summers, our advisory committee member and former management consultant.

Ensuring that agricultural technologies whose development we support are adopted by farmers

Procedia Engineering 107 (2015) 3-10, coauthored by advisory committee member David Zilberman.

Ensuring that our programs are relevant to women

Frontiers in Sociology 12 Oct 2023, lead authored by Alhassan Nuhu Jinbaani, the principal investigator for our grant on the breeding of Bambara groundnuts, a crop mainly grown by women.

Improving the nutritional value of crops adapted to climate change

in Nutriomics of Millet Crops, CRC Press 2023, by donor-member Kathleen Hefferon.