Our Mission

Empower farmers, scientists, and individuals to create a food-secure future.

Our Vision

Everyone is empowered to create a food-secure world.

Program Values


We use a strategic evidence-based approach to find what works yet wouldn’t happen without us.


 We value farmers and eaters no matter where they live and focus on parts of the world where food insecurity is most acute.


We invest in a strong, growing organization and prioritize projects and partnerships that can benefit large numbers of people, while remaining sensitive to cultural and ecological context.


We believe that environmental sustainability and climate readiness are critical to long-term food and nutrition security.

Cultural Values


We put the mission above personal or short-term organizational interests and are transparent and honest when projects don’t work.



We engage diverse professions and demographics in a participatory process and value a diversity of approaches among chapters and those we inspire. 


Instead of giving farmers a formula, we equip farmers, scientists, and citizens with information and resources to expand long-term opportunities.


We’re curious and open to creative solutions, whether they involve modern science, private-sector innovation, or traditional wisdom and cultural perspectives