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How Mobile Money Could Transform Smallholder Agriculture

Mobile phones are ubiquitous today, and not only in richer nations. Consumers in developing countries have embraced smartphones and flip phones, and these nations could …

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Resilient Agriculture through Integrated Pest Management

By Sadiksha Basnet and the Center for Environmental and Agricultural Policy Research, Extension and Development Agriculture accounts for 65% of Nepal’s workforce and 30% of …

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Will Solar Water Pumps Transform Smallholder Agriculture?

As recently as 2015 one basic solar-powered water pump could cost $1,500. Futurepump says it can sell you one in Nigeria today for a little …

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Is the Future of Food Security Hidden in Fungi?

By some estimates, 95% of plant species host some form of mycorrhizal fungi on their roots, and at least 60% of all known plant species …

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red and green chili peppers

One Farmer’s Plan to Spice Up Tea Farming—A Super-Hot Chili Pepper, Of Course

Damodar Boruah is an award-winning yet “unknown writer, lesser-known poet” as he self-deprecatingly describes himself. He’s also a tea farmer, though his background is in software …

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man picking crops in agricultural field

Developing Better Cowpeas, with Gender and Youth Concerns at the Forefront

By Michael M. Chipeta (Ph.D.) Cowpea, a leguminous crop, is grown in most parts of the world but a substantial volume of production and consumption …

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Jatropha: Haiti’s next big food crop?

Only a few short years ago many on Wall Street were convinced that the jatropha plant was destined to become the next breakthrough biofuel crop. …

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A Looming Famine in Madagascar Linked to Climate Change and More

Last Friday Stéphane Dujarric, the top spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, took time from his daily noon press briefing to steer reporters’ attention toward …

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