2023-year-of-the-millet Farming

2023—The Year of the Millet

The United Nations has declared 2023 “the International Year of Millets.” But this declaration alone won’t get nutritious and resilient millets onto smallholder farms directly. …

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The-Incredible-Mutant-Sorghum Africa

The Incredible Mutant Sorghum

Striga hermonthica, commonly known as witchweed, is a dangerous enemy of food security, which makes it the enemy of Philippe Nikiema, a plant breeder at …

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Suvasini-Ramaswamy Latest News

Meet Grow Further’s Board: Suvasini Ramaswamy (Part 2)

In this second of two installments on our interview with board member Suvasini Ramaswamy, we turn from her background to focus on her thoughts on …

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Suvasini pic Latest News

Meet Grow Further’s Board: Suvasini Ramaswamy (Part 1)

At Grow Further, we “Empower farmers, scientists, and individuals to create a food-secure future.” Our members and network of agricultural researchers–550 of whom responded to …

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growing-more-of-indonesias-shallots Asia

Growing More of Indonesia’s Treasured Shallots

Gina Aliya Sopha, a horticulturist from Indonesia, told us she drew initial inspiration for her smallholder agricultural research grant proposal from perhaps an unlikely source—YouTube. …

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What-kinds-of-proposals-have-advanced Local News

Which kinds of proposals have advanced?

A little over a month ago, we received 721 submissions in response to our first agricultural research grant announcement, and last week, we sent updates …

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Growing-Fruit-in-Dry-and-Degraded-Soils Africa

Growing Fruit in Dry and Degraded Soils

In a video shared with Grow Further, Charles Mwangi and his partners spell out a clear and present danger to smallholder agriculture. “Declining soil quantity …

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bangladesh Asia

Enhancing “Innovation Capacity” to Drive Mechanization in Bangladesh

Governments and numerous private organizations throughout the developing world promote the mechanization of smallholder agriculture to strengthen rural economies. Yet most of the world’s smallholder …

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