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Growing Beets for Cows to Support India’s Struggling Smallholder Farmers

The ancient Greeks used to feed it to their cattle. Now this nutritious and easily grown root crop is being repurposed to help India’s smallholder …

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Mini harvesters are also used in high-income countries, as in this photo from Japan

Small Machine, Big Difference for Bangladesh’s Smallholder Farms

South Asia is home to large rural populations heavily dependent on farming for their livelihoods. About 63% of Bangladesh’s population lives outside cities, according to …

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Rise of the Machines? The Debate over Conservation Tillage in Ghana

Soil degradation or soil loss threatens future food security nearly everywhere, and Ghana is no exception. A team of Ghanian and Chinese scientists found soil …

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Attack of the Drones?

To drone or not to drone—is that really the question? For farmers in North America this isn’t much of a question at all. Small, remotely …

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growfurther (1)

The Right Spice for Global Warming?

Capsicum annum L., better known as the common chili pepper, is loved by fans of spicy food worldwide as the essential ingredient in Mexican, Indian, …

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growfurther (2)

Agriculture Trends in 2021 and Beyond—Moving Past COVID-19

Almost everything was put on hold last year as nations struggled to cope with the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. Agriculture was no exception—deep recessions revived …

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top view quinoa with a wooden spoon

Quinoa won’t take off in Africa on its own. Technology could help

NASA mulls feeding it to astronauts on their way to Mars. Vegans love it. Celebrity chefs rave about it. Yet despite booming popularity across the …

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waster water dilemma

The Wastewater Dilemma: Vegetables Rich in Minerals, and Heavy Metals

More productive farming means more pressure on existing water resources in any country, but this is especially true in India today. Soon to surpass China …

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